So Much to do … So Much to See

Hello again. There is much to share from this last week, weekend, and yesterday. Some of what I am sharing has been discussed in previous posts but I wanted to share some of my personal experiences/achievements with these events. This post will mention several different events so I will try to be concise in my [...]

Reading, Baking, and Convocation

As classes begin and the Fall 2023 semester gets underway, there is much to be excited about. I have been eager for this semester to begin, in anticipation of the build phase of the Singleton pavilion project, the completion of the Ardmore bridge project, and much more. One of the courses I am taking this [...]

The Butterfly House

Over the past several days I have focused much of my attention on my Community 1:1 project for the local non-profit Katie's Krops. To recap, this project entailed designing and building a "butterfly house" which is a safe habitat for Monarch Butterflies. The structure needed to be large enough to serve as an enclosed, screened-in [...]

Back to Work!

After some much needed R&R, the students reassembled today upon returning from Spring Break. We picked up right where we left off and began to make new progress in our assigned teams. One group is currently focusing on operable features of the pavilion, another is focused on landscaping, another on layout of programming, and finally [...]


To recap, last Friday we held our first design review with some of the stakeholders for the Singleton Park Project where each student presented their individual designs for the park. It was fun seeing everyone's work and it was very informative to hear feedback from the stakeholders on what worked and what did not. After [...]

A Handy Tool

There have been many tasks involved with the Mural Wall Project. Yesterday, I learned about the process of planning the mounting location of the Mural Board onto the wall itself. For this process, we used a Gyroscopic, 360 degree Lazer level. The first time we were introduced to this tool was on the Frierson site [...]

Perusing the Portfolio

On Friday, we spent the day visiting the various sites of some of the past and on-going A+CB projects.  This was a great opportunity for us to reflect on the history of the program, to appreciate the hard work of many of the previous A+CB students, and to recognize the level of quality in the [...]