Previous Ties

Today the studio will discuss their individual design concepts to continue moving forward towards our next meeting with Jason Kronsberg and the Charleston Parks Conservancy. We will discuss our site strategies, where we plan to place components on the site, along with some structure inspiration.

As architecture students, we find inspiration and connections in just about anything and everything. We have been looking at structure precedents this week, and some of our precedents are past Studio V projects. Other inspirations are stemming from our Intro to Craft class. We are currently exploring string art, and while looking back at previous Studio V projects, there are quite a few that resemble this art form. Some of these projects are the Pulse Dome, Magnolia Community Garden, and Forrest Park Bridge. It is interesting and exciting to see how some of the previous projects have unintentional relationships with current projects.

We are all very excited to see what everyone has put together for today’s discussion and are looking forward to seeing connections to previous projects and our other class work.


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