And That’s a wrap

This semester was an learning experience for all of us. Whether it had been something hands on like pouring concrete or something technical like configurating the structure of the bridge, we all took part in something and played a role in creating a space that will impact the West Ashley Bikeway for years to come. For the last day of studio, we met in the morning to tidy up the site, clean, and make any final touches that needed to be done, as our final review was later that afternoon. During this review, we collectively spoke about the process and the knowledge each of us gained from our project. The audience was comprised of professors, Charleston Park Conservancy Members, and locals of the area.

Personally, this was a different experience because I got to witness first hand how design can impact and affect the lives of people. There was a moment during our review where a local expressed their gratitude towards our project. This gentlemen lived in this area of West Ashley before the retention pond that is now below our project existed. He explain how before the area would flood terribly and how he watched over the years the pond grow, and now this same pond can be a place that he can take and teach his grandchildren to fish. Its moments like this that validates and reminds me that architecture is what I was meant to do.

It was an honor to take part in a studio that will hopefully enhance the community of West Ashley Bikeway.

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