Throwing Together a Roof

Once the posts and beams for the roof were put into place, you could have blinked and missed all of the rafters going up. Call it efficiency, call it hard work, call it being crazy running off nothing but sweat. Working as a team, We cut each rafter at the angles they needed to be cut at, then brought them to the structure to lift them up and attached them to the ridge beam. It was nice to take a break from having to drive giant anchor bolts through anything, as the roof frame was put together using traditional screws.

After just a day and a half of working on the framing, the mainframe was complete. The next step was to then attach the diagonal bracings that went across the rafters, as well as the diagonal bracings that go from the roof posts to the roof. These pieces took some finesse to put into place, and after some difficulty, we put the last into place.

The last piece of the puzzle was the metal roofing. A man that warned Baker and I about his life drinking way too much caffeine dropped off the sheets and went on his way. We learned about the proper method of stacking the sheets so that we could easily put screws through them into the frame. We established a roofing team and sent them climbing up. We then handed them sheet by sheet as they screwed each one in, until finally, we had a structure that could protect from the rain. We completed this step the day before our presentation and a huge sigh of relief was exhaled from everyone.


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