The Roof is on Fire (and Deep Fried)

As we move closer to the placing of the piers, the class is making final preparations to get started on construction next week.

A group consisting of Michaela, Brittany, Baker, and John (myself) have been working to knock out the remaining details, which consist of the roof connections and the handrails. The goal is to have a 90% complete set of construction documents before the end of the week that can be sent to and redlined by John Moore and David Pastre.

(Above, our Construction Document team plugging away)

Our resident accountant and numbers cruncher Emma Enache has been busy finalizing the material count, contacting material suppliers, and today wrote up a letter for donation requests. Thanks to her we will hopefully get building supplies ASAP.

In the meantime, the rest of the class cleaned up the woodshop and organized everything to make sure the shop team in the future is able to operate smoothly and efficiently when it comes to precutting parts to be transported to the site.

(Above, working hard or hardly working?)

We are counting down the hours until construction begins and are looking forward to keeping everyone updated on our progress!

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