Full Steam Ahead!

Studio today represented a pivotal point in the design process for the West Crossing at Mulberry Pond! Over the weekend we were each assigned a detail to begin working through and showed up to class today ready to begin piecing them together. This step in particular has been an important lesson in communication, collaboration, and teamwork. With each component relying heavily on one another, we spent today talking through and understanding how our individual details must change in order to make a more cohesive and successful project.

Our meeting with John Moore, our structural engineer, is scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon. Our plan is to keep pushing ahead in order to have most of the big issues worked through before our conversation with him. We are looking forward to John reviewing our work and helping us create a more successful design structurally.

With just a few more days to complete our construction documents, it is full steam ahead for all members of Studio V!

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