Reframing the Picture

After an intense hands-on studio session on Monday our group is currently brainstorming ideas to rethink how we use bike frames in our design. Our goal of keeping the Bike as the center of our design focus has not changed, but we plan on using the movement of the bike wheel as our new focus for the bridge infrastructure. The hands on process has helped us start to vet ideas an learn more about how our materials will react when we attempt to use them as part of a whole. We plan to explore how bike spokes work as part of a system. One of our main design challenges is coming up with ways to satisfy our code parameters. We know that we will need our railing system to hold a handrail at 36’’ and a guardrail at 42’’. We also will need a system that ensures there are no gaps wider than 4’’. With these parameters set we are narrowing down our design options. Check back after tomorrows mock up studio to keep tabs on our process!

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