Small Groups Reconvene

We’re back in Charleston and BACK IN ACTION.

For the next week we will be working in small groups of 3 to push designs for the Farm Stand. Over the last week we skype’d during our “hurri-cation” to make sure we were all on the same page. Come Monday, we shared our designs and diagrams with the rest of the class. These presentations consisted of drawings, precedent studies, program studies, and site layouts.

Overall the four separate groups are focusing on different details that are shaping their designs. My group specifically is looking at the existing buildings on site and taking details such as the arches and learning about the significance and the construction techniques. We are being sure not to “replicate” or “mimic” the architectural style, but instead want to embrace the design elements and create a space that pays homage to the surrounding features. Below are a few precedent images that my group is looking at in order to create space through “arching”, repetition. and smaller elements within the space.

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