Individual Design Presentations

Individual Design Ideas

It is finally Friday y’all and officially the first day of February (where did the last month go by!?). As a culmination of the last two weeks’ worth of work, today we will be presenting our individual design concepts and ideas to the Charleston Park Conservancy and a few members of the local community that will most likely either be using this space or live nearby. Going into this review we are hoping that we can narrow down what the Park Conservancy and members of the community are looking to see in this future project before moving onto the next phase, small group designs. Ideally after this review we will be forming small groups based on shared concepts between projects or ideas that alone may be weak, but together could strengthen one another. Looking at the different designs, it’s really exciting to see how everyone went about approaching the problem and what issues they chose to focus on and address in their design. So make sure to stay tuned on Monday to hear more about the feedback we received and which designs made the cut!

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