Group Designs

Today is Monday, February 4th, 2019, and small group designs are underway. During Friday’s review with the clients, we mostly discussed site layout and the best strategy for moving people through the garden and where to place the storage/shelter structure. The clients favored site layouts that moved people from the North to the South of the site, while others favored both North to South and East to West. This gave us an idea of how to move forward with site layout and the next steps that we needed to take. When it comes to structure placement, the clients liked having the structure in the North corner that way it can feel open to the public and service the adjacent playground. The clients also liked the idea of having a structure that was placed near Hester Street and the larger fields to service people parking on that side and/or using the larger fields.

Friday after the review we split into four small groups of three based on similarities of our designs and concepts. Particularly, the group that I am a part of is focusing on a concept that includes two structures with pathways that move North to South and East to West. In just 9 days each small group will be presenting their work to the clients so that we can further narrow down the concepts and move towards one complete design.

Stay tuned to see what everyone is working on!

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