Studio is now in full swing. We are a group of 12 students – bright eyed and bushy tailed. We met with the client on Wednesday and toured a few previous sites to get a feel for other community gardens that have been completed by Clemson Community Build students.

This semester, we are joining with the Charleston Park Conservancy to create a large community garden for the community of Wagener Terrace; the garden will be located in the Corrinne Jones park. Below you can see the proposed site plan the Charleston Park Conservancy provided us with:

Proposed Site Plan – Provided by the Charleston Park Conservancy

For the first week we are completing research and analysis as a group and will present to the client on Friday, January 18th. We are hoping to do the site and surrounding context justice and will get further feedback from the Conservancy after we present. Keep coming back for more updates on the projects completion!!!

For now, you can take a look at our first take at project branding:

First take on the project branding

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