Raising the Roof

The beloved roof… after a very long weekend of working hard, we have come to learn that we need to change the way we fabricate our roof. Our previous method was to turn a panel upside down and lay it flat on the ground; there are some securities to this because it ensures that when you flip the panel over all the top faces are flush with one another (because they were all pressed to the same surface). However, what this does do is add a few too many degrees of variability, the main one being that the rest of the components are not present and visible. It’s not a bad means of production, but it seems to result in a ‘it works on paper” manner; this is just one of the challenges of pre-fabrication.


Our previous way of framing the roof


What this method did help us figure out was a very pleasing way to notch our jack & common rafters into the hip rafters, best left to a visual instead of even attempting a verbal explanation:

With our new method in place, we are beginning to frame the roof this morning with the trusses and columns in place (minus the doors), so essentially we are cutting off the first 6-1/2 feet of our product.


New method of framing upright

I have full confidence Yibo will be posting a success story tomorrow for his blog post!

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