Raising the Roof

The beloved roof... after a very long weekend of working hard, we have come to learn that we need to change the way we fabricate our roof. Our previous method was to turn a panel upside down and lay it flat on the ground; there are some securities to this because it ensures that when [...]

Human Hole Puncher

While we've talked a lot about the welding of the truss together, and the cutting of all the pieces, the last phase involves punching two different types of holes in various places: four to allow for the connection of the roof (top), and eight to allow for the connection to the posts (side). A total [...]

In the Swing of Things

As previously stated, we are now getting to the point where we're not only working in the shop consistently, but we're starting to mass-produce things. This would entail all the things such as jigs and an efficient division of labor as people are occupying the shop in an assembly-line manner. When we get back to [...]

I Revit Once… In A Book

It's true... I've only used Revit once and it was yesterday. Since we had our class cancelled on Thursday I finally took the time to sit down and educate myself on how to use the software. This was possible because our classmate Rachel has been involved with creating a Revit file for our slat shack [...]

This Looks Familiar…

Here we are again at the next big checkpoint of the semester. As you know, there is an important project review going on today that will ultimately give us a direction, as a whole, regarding where to take this design. It's still funny to think we haven't even made our final design yet - today [...]

The Swivel Hut

The last time I shared ideas I was driving home the points of mobility and versatility, and I want to share some ways that I've thought about an adaptable design. The overall concept of my design is to have a covered walk-through area that can close up like a closet at the end of the [...]