Yesterday was our first concrete pour for half of the slab. All twelve of us and Dave were on the site the past few days to prepare the formwork of the slab and the rebars for yesterday concrete pour. Before the concrete pour, we had finished up tying all the rebars and make sure all the rebars are standing still.



Before the concrete truck came,  Dave had told us what we needed to do during the concrete pour and each of us had a job ready to go while the truck getting to the position we wanted it to go. I was excited about this moment cause I never work on a design-build project before and this was my first time to seeing a concrete pour that closes up.



While the concrete truck pouring the concrete into the formwork, all of us were holding shovels and trowels to spread the concrete evenly. Everything happened so quickly, there were rebars fell down during the first pour, Matt and JT had to dig into concrete to fix the rebars. A couple of us had to hold down the rebars, check and readjust the rebars position while the truck is pouring.


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When we thought we almost finished spreading the concrete, we were out of concrete for the last portion of the slab. And there were no other ways to get concrete beside getting the concrete mix and hand mix them in a wheelbarrow. Sometimes things do not go as expected, not everything always goes the way we planned. In that moment beside panicking and complaining, we should try to figure a way to solve the issue and reflect the issue afterward. We were continuing level and smooth the concrete after the last portion of the slab had been filled up with concrete. We are going to the same preparation for the other half of the slab and be ready for the pour that scheduled on Friday 3pm.


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