Small Group Discussion

During the class meeting on Friday, we have discussed the common ideas between all the projects and the main theme for each four groups. All of us had talked about the things we liked or the things might work on each individual project. After the meeting, we have separated into small groups and talked about what we wanted to do or what direction we wanted to head on for the project.

For my group, we were focusing on the roof and we have started to talk about the common areas for the site plan and the location for the pavilion/ storage on the site. Then we started talking about what type of the roof we wanted to design, what kind of material we wanted to use, what kind of spaces we wanted to cooperate in our plan besides the pavilion and storage space, and how are we cooperate the rainwater collection system into our design. After the discussion, I have started to look into the structure of the roof and how can we corporate curve into the roof design, and also have done little research on the rainwater collection system.






Over the weekend, we all have worked individually on research or ideas on design. All three of us had met up in the studio yesterday to continue working on what we have left on Friday and combined what each of us had found over the weekend. We have come up two possible ideas for the roof design to discuss today during class time. The ideas have addressed the issue that we had on the rainwater collection system and the structure of the curved roof.


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