Picking up the pace

After our presentation on Wednesday, we were organized into four groups of three members in order to combine and refine our concepts and come up with four designs for the next review (September 29). Each group has its own specific design focus: Roofs, Entry sequence, Site/Big and small, and Playful/”Sexy” (not my choice of word). Groups were chosen based on complementing strengths of individual members as well as similar ideas and concepts. After working alone for the last phase, which was nice, it feels good to be able to collaborate in a group again.

As is typical after a review, we didn’t do a ton of immediate work besides some brainstorming ideas, but rather picked up the slack in our other classes we’ve neglected. I expect as the semester goes on that we won’t have the luxury of taking a day off after a presentation… But at the same time, I’m looking forward to that point. Everything we are doing so far is building up to the climax that is the installation, and it feels like we’re one step closer to that point.

It’s exciting to see our progression from general ideas to a more refined and specific design. And even now, only at the mid-point of the design process, I’m especially looking forward to the point where we can look back and evaluate our entire evolution from 12 single-student designs to 4 group designs to 1 final design.

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