Reflection and Carry on

Yesterday we have presented our first analysis research of the Medway Park with the Charleston Parks Conservancy. The presentation was more focus on the site analysis and precedent study of different parks, we also have presented four possible site strategy plans.  It was our first presentation of the semester and it was also my first time presenting with other eleven people together on one single presentation. Usually, in a normal studio, I would either present individually or in groups. This was an interesting experience for me and I think we had a great start of the semester. It was a good review, I thought we could have more feedback from the Charleston Parks Conservancy. The comments that they gave us on the four schematic plans that we purposed had proved that we are heading in the right direction with our design and with the comments that we got can lead us further on our next task, individual design of the Medway Park.


After a reflection on the conversation and the comments they had made during the presentation, I have a better idea of what direction I should take and what I need to considerate in my design for the next few phases of the project. I am excited about our next task and now is the time to start brainstorm ideas and more precedent study on the materials, structure, etc.

Overall was great and now ready to move on to the next phase of the project.


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