Reflection and Carry on

Yesterday we have presented our first analysis research of the Medway Park with the Charleston Parks Conservancy. The presentation was more focus on the site analysis and precedent study of different parks, we also have presented four possible site strategy plans.  It was our first presentation of the semester and it was also my first time presenting … Continue reading

Atypical collaboration

Today is our first presentation before members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy. While we’re only presenting our analysis of the site and potential schematic plans, it still feels like we have a lot to show. I’ve never presented a project with eleven other students before, so I’m not exactly sure what to expect during the … Continue reading

Identifying Regions

            Previous entries have done well in discussing how the previous Crop Stop 1.0 is being used as a tool to build upon for a new iteration being referred to as Crop Stop 2.0. One goal for the new iteration is to consider how the structure can assist farmers in … Continue reading