Crop Stop 1 vs. Crop Stop 2 vs. Crop Stop 3,4,5…

As you’ve been able read about the progress we have made in furthering the design of Crop Stop 2 and the choices we are making for materials, we are having to do a little bit of a juggling act.  Our studio has some great ideas for exterior cladding, the roofing system, and other elements of the Crop Stop, but not all of them are in budget for Crop Stop 2.  Each studio is learning more and more from each Crop Stop and how to better the next one.  Therefore, what we are going to do is finish Crop Stop 2 with the materials that are best suited for construction as well as our remaining budget, meanwhile keeping in mind the other materials we researched to potentially use in the design of Crop Stop 3, 4, 5, and so on. For example, while we have decided to use T1-11 for the exterior skin of Crop Stop 2, we are looking into using polycarbonate panels for future crop stops.  If you would like to look into the materials we are considering for both, feel free to check out our Presentation from last week.

This has most definitely been a learning experience, and will continue to be, which is a neat part about each crop stop and team that works on it.  Crop Stop 1 paid close attention to detail which created a really unique and beautiful space, but it may not be ideal for a community to repeat over and over again easily.  Crop Stop 2 has been modified into something that is easily repeated and  has the potential for a community of unskilled workers to be able to easily construct it.  Learning from Crop Stop 2, we will be able to change some of the aesthetics, such as exterior and interior skin and the roof system, for the future crop stops that will make the farm kitchen even easier for a community of people to replicate.

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