Birds Flyin’ High…

Charleston has been gloomy for what seems like a week now.

Studio V has been wrestling with the deceptively colossal task of taking a hard look at critiques on our “final” design from Friday in concert with working out the hard-fast details to come up with a final-final design over the weekend and through studio time yesterday. Volume dimensions and opening specifications have to be sent to Clemson TOMORROW to stay on schedule and no definite solution has been met and approved as of yet. It’s been a struggle.

But its a new day!

The rain has passed, the birds are chirping, hell, the streets are barely flooded! Maybe its the sun, maybe its the warm weather, maybe its my strange sleep schedule as of late, but I’ve got a renewed since of optimism today. Let’s hope Mother Nature has brought a good omen and some solidified design solutions come to light today.


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