Common Sense

What seems like common sense is not always so common.

A hundred years ago, no one would have ever thought that it would be easier to get food from the other side of the country, let alone world, than something grown just down the road. No one would have thought that feeding local school children local food would be anything but the norm. Today, intuition does not always prevail.

One hundred years and lots of red tape later, we are presented with the current situation:  getting local food to local children is a real problem to be solved. The DHEC-approved Crop Stop 1.0 did so in a beautifully precise (see below), yet one-off, manner. NCM_0209

I am extremely excited to start this semester’s project which is dedicated to providing the same, if not elevated, functionality of Crop Stop 1.0 while being completely replicable by volunteers of any community who choose to empower their farmers, bakers, and chefs with this resource. That’s a big bill, but our 12-student studio has divided and is ready to conquer. Groups have been chalked out to tackle the topics that were deemed crucial to pre-design research and improvement for version 2.0.

Though we are just getting the ball rolling, the enthusiasm of the team coupled with the data provided by previous efforts gives me confidence that in just a few months time we will have implemented a greatly improved product, user experience, and solution to the not-so-common-sense problem of getting local food to local schools.




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