It’s 3:48pm on Tuesday, who’s using the park?

Throughout the past week, everyone has been collecting data about the site, visiting it at different times to discover who is using the park and for what purpose-soccer on the field, basketball, tennis, walking their dogs, or using the playground?  All this information is compiled to better understand the neighborhood and what it wants and needs for the space.  On weekdays, the park is primarily used in the mornings and early evenings.  There are regular pick-up games of soccer Thursday evenings and basketball on Sunday mornings.  There’s never a shortage of man’s best friend–several people walk their dogs around the park for some fresh air and exercise.

The park is utilized by people of all ages.  Children, teenagers, young adults, and families all feel comfortable in the space.  There are 336 family households within the census tract, about a 3 block radius surrounding the park (bordered by Mt. Pleasant St. to the north, Simons St. to the south, Ashley River to the west, and Rutledge Ave. to the east).  The field is the most widely used area, with the basketball and tennis courts getting some usage throughout the week.

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