The Final Countdown

After a long and productive semester, we present the fruits of our labor. The nice thing about being in the Charleston campus is that we have a more intimate setting, and we all are able to see each other's work. Yesterday was full of exciting activities.  First ITC went out to the Isle of Palms [...]

Ready? Set. Go!

All hands-on deck! There are many things on a job site that must be wrapped up before the holiday break can happen! One last caravan ride out to the site before we all can take a well-deserved rest. Even Pastre’s daughter came out to help in preparation.  Belt line members, brackets, digging holes, setting columns, [...]

Tools, Tools, and MORE Tools!

One thing about Community Build here at the Clemson Design Center is that it is extremally hands on.  Part of the reason I wanted to take this studio was to learn not only about how to build a structure from the ground up but, to also learn how some of the tools in the wood [...]

Check The Timeline

Scheduling during a project is essential.  Deadlines and making sure the project are on track are critical.  Last semester the timeline for the project was set but now we are going back and rescheduling a few things to match our current time frame.   Creating a Gantt chart that can be used interchangeably each semester [...]

Measuring it all out!

Design is exciting but what all goes into it? Research is the key! For the few of us who are new this semester we had to get an understanding of how the school operated. The premise behind a Montessori school means lots of hands-on learning activities. Taking that into account we were tasked with designing [...]