If You Have Time to Lean, You Have Time to Clean

This week was abnormally slow in class. The studio was split up between a few groups.  Some were upstairs in the studio working on budget and shop drawings. Whereas a small group went to site to use auger to prep for the columns.  A few stayed in the woodshop and worked on steel members that needed to be cleaned up while a few of us started prepping the shop for us to lay out the timber members.  We needed to clear a space large enough to lay out the gables. David mentioned he would be going to pick up some of the timber so we could get the ball rolling on the timber side of things.

My group consisted of Cory, Shelton, Jerome and myself.  We were in charge of cleaning and prepping the woodshop.  We started off pairing up all of the matching steel members for the gables. By organizing them by each gable we will be able to carefully and easily grab them and assemble everything.

For the pieces that will be for the trellis we paired the matches and grouped them all together and put to the side until we are ready to grab them for the assembly.

We needed to make space for all of the wood that was going to be delivered Friday. Cory, Shelton and I cleared all of the tables from past projects and clutter that was just accumulating throughout the semester. After that I blew out from under the tables and cleaned up all of the excess sawdust that was still on the ground.

Once all of the cleaning was out of the way the boys rearranged the tables to get them out of the way of our workspace for the timber members.  I went down to the workshop and saw that some of the timber was already placed in the shop.  So, moving forward from this week on its clear to see that we should enjoy this clam before the storm because the next few weeks are going to feel like we are moving in fast forward.

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