Measure Twice Cut Once

Now that our wood has arrived it’s time to start beveling edges, mitering connections, and cutting large members to length. Since we are working with very large pieces of timber, the process of cutting and finishing is easier said than done. Each piece of wood weighs roughly 500 pounds each and requires the help of everyone in studio to maneuver them around the shop.


Over the weekend we began working on beveling the columns using the table saw. Since our concrete slabs are in the shape of a parallelogram, beveling one side of the columns allows them to align parallel to the edges of the slabs. Running the columns through the saw required making cuts on both sides of the column since the depth of our wood is greater than the depth of the saw blade.

Once the columns were beveled, they could then start getting mitered on the ends where they meet the rafters as well as planed and sanded along the bevel to create a smooth finish face.

By the end of the weekend, we were able to lay out on the floor a small portion of our structure so that we can begin placing our steel plate connections and marking the holes that will need to get pre-drilled before transferring the wood to site.

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