Brace For It

On Friday, we broke into groups to continue our focus on details and further our understanding of how different components of the design could work together. The group that I was a part of was looking at the lateral bracing and how to incorporate it through the use of built in seating, tables and planters. [...]


After our meeting Wednesday we began to break out into new groups to further push a collective design. After selecting the slab location and agreeing on a relative size. We began to explore the concepts that would make this pavilion more successful. After much deliberation we agreed on a general roof design.  Now as we [...]

Site Analysis

On Monday we began breaking out into groups exploring various aspects about the site. I was tasked with gathering information about the landscape and existing trees. Most of the trees located on the site are around the perimeter of the pond, but the trees we will be focusing on are the ones the border the [...]

Setting the Ridge Beam

After placing the beams that are supported by the outriggers it was time to throw up the ridge beam. In order to set the 32 foot, 2x10 ridge beam we constructed supporting members out of drops and other scrap materials. With the help of many ladders and rolling scaffolding wee were able to hoist the [...]

Detailing Begins

Friday we split up into two groups to push the design we chose over the weekend. Yesterday we presented what ended up being two very similar ideas. After lots of collaboration and back and forth we decided on the design that we wanted to push for our meeting with the parks conservancy that is set [...]

Today’s the Day

  Tonight at 6pm is our community zoom meeting to discuss the four potential sites on the West Ashley Greenway and Bikeway. We are hoping for a large turnout to ensure we get as much community feedback as we can. Most of studio today will be spent ironing out any kinks that come up as [...]


While we proceed with gathering information for our upcoming project this semester it leaves us with some time to do maintenance on previous works. On Tuesday a small group went out to Magnolia Community Garden located in West Ashley.  This project was completed several years back and includes a small pavilion with concrete planting boxes [...]