Brace For It

On Friday, we broke into groups to continue our focus on details and further our understanding of how different components of the design could work together. The group that I was a part of was looking at the lateral bracing and how to incorporate it through the use of built in seating, tables and planters. We have several options for securing the structure, but the two options we chose to explore are what we are calling the Vs. These Vs will inhabit the outer bays on the pavilion and connect from the slab to the top of the posts. The other option will be only having the Vs on the north side of the pavilion where the rain garden will be, on the other side of the building will have a full bay framed in metal that will stiffen up the bay, also acting as a vertical garden. These sketches are rough illustrations of what those might consist of, but whatever we do it will be important not only structurally but will help designate the gathering areas within the pavilion.

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