Labor of Love Day

Yesterday, while most of the country was sunbathing, we took a long look in the mirror and said - there is work to be done. There are families in Ardmore that have no local park to unwind, with limited outdoor space for the community to gather (the recent and beautiful bridge on Mulberry Pond is [...]

Working Hard or Hardly Working

Hello all, We have been up to a few things. 1. Finilizing CD set. We are adjusting a final package of CD sets to be approved by all partnering individuals and organizations. The roof is changing from cedar shake to a standing seam aluminum to fit the language of past projects and the parks vernacular. [...]


  When we started talking CDs, I immediately thought: That's a dead media format.  Then I was informed we were talking about Construction Documents. It started making sense because when John tried to jump straight into construction, it was apparently too early. Here he is practicing:   So there is a step in between, and [...]

Staking a Claim

Hello everyone, We have a site chosen, and Landon wasted no time ceremoniously staking our claim. We have been busy looking deeper into the site selected. Here are some of the results: Site Analysis Understanding the site is critical to producing a functional design. Luckily we have a few landscape architects in the studio that [...]

Indelible Deadlines

With the marketing segment of this semester in full swing, we have social media posts in draft, outdoor signs printed, and survey forms awaiting answers. It still feels like something is missing... Oh (insert four-letter word of choice)! A blog post. Better late than never. We finalized our signs for print, and the winner is: [...]