Indelible Deadlines

With the marketing segment of this semester in full swing, we have social media posts in draft, outdoor signs printed, and survey forms awaiting answers.

It still feels like something is missing…

Oh (insert four-letter word of choice)!

A blog post.
Better late than never.

We finalized our signs for print, and the winner is:

There were lots of competitors, but nothing trumped this classic rhyme scheme.

Thanks to Lauren Calvin and Daniel Casanova for acknowledging this nursery rhyme is not present in Hispanic culture, nor does it rhyme in Spanish. I will not pretend to understand the Spanish message pivoted into; Lauren Daniel can handle that as well.

We have much more to do as the outreach effort apexes, and we turn our sights on the community charette. Site surveys, previous proposals, and precedents are being stitched into a proper presentation. All to fish out practical advice from the community we are attempting to serve.

Stay tuned and be on the lookout for signs!

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