Staking a Claim

Hello everyone,

We have a site chosen, and Landon wasted no time ceremoniously staking our claim.

We have been busy looking deeper into the site selected.

Here are some of the results:

Site Analysis

Understanding the site is critical to producing a functional design.

Luckily we have a few landscape architects in the studio that know their way around an analytic plan.

These trace sketches were produced by Maggie Gaston.

A connection path can span either the east or west side of this plan. The east side provides more challenges and opportunities, with a larger span, and various exposures around its winding path.

Another important factor to consider is solar paths, wind directions, and their relations to the site.

The wind approaches the site differently in summer and winter. This could be important in designing around certain pungent faculties.

The studio will be having a review this upcoming Monday, very soon this analysis is going to turn into an early schematic proposal. More on that to come!

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