2×6 Trellis Production


On Wednesday me Cory and David went to site to work on the trellis.  We had to get the 2×6 trellis pieces up. This took us having to cut some of the pieces of wood on site in order for them to fit in the right position. Once we got them all cut to the right length we lined the all on the outside so we could know where they all went. Once we laid them out we used clamps to set the wood up so we would know where the holes would go on each 2×6 piece of wood.  Once we marked where the holes where we unclamped them and drilled holes into the 2×6 pieces. After that we drilled holes in to the concrete for the bench steal members. Once all of this was done we started putting the 2×6 pieces into the bench steel membranes. We drilled the connecting pieces into each other so that they all would stay and be aligned. It was a good site visit and we got a huge step completed at this stage in our project. 












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