The Big Presentation

On Friday we presented out Studio Project to our fellow classmates as well as three reviewers. We discussed how our semester picked up from the previous class left off. We talked about the challenges we had throughout the semester as well as all of the success we had. Everyone discussed a different part of the [...]

Thanksgiving Break

After pushing through these last couple of weeks we all got to put the shovels down, turn the computers off  take a break. During this break I enjoyed spending time with my family during this break. I went home Wednesday afternoon so see my family. Once i got home i went out with some friends [...]

2×6 Trellis Production

  On Wednesday me Cory and David went to site to work on the trellis.  We had to get the 2x6 trellis pieces up. This took us having to cut some of the pieces of wood on site in order for them to fit in the right position. Once we got them all cut to [...]

Pour 2 Preparation

On Monday we wrapped up putting everything together for our final concrete pour. Making sure the lines where in the right places played a huge role when it came to placing the form work into the trench. Due to some of the form work either being warped or having bows in them, we had to [...]

Painting Time

This past week we spent time painting the metal pieces for our project. We started off by making sure we had all of the labels on each of the metal pieces we had account for.  After we checked and counted all of the pieces we started by checking to see which ones needed to be [...]

Site Visit

This past Friday Cory, Kyle, Johnny, Jerome, and myself all went to visit the site. We got to the site by 3pm to start laying down rebar, line, as well as paint. We started off by measuring from the road to the trellis to make sure we started off in the right spot. Them we [...]

QUOTE Season

This past week I was in charge of calling businesses and getting quotes for different material to use for out project. The first places I called was polymershapes and I went to grab a few samples from them to get an idea of what type of material we would use for our project. Then I [...]