Out the Window

Following the deconstruction of the mock-up for the trellis section of the structure, we used the great strategy developed by the students from the previous semester of moving the large pieces of the structure in through the window but this time we did the opposite and moved them out the window. Link to the post about moving the materials in here.

Also following the deconstruction of the model was the ability to reorganize the layout of the studio to allow for us to have more space (so we don’t have to share desks) and so the we can have a space that is dedicated as a work space that is to be shared among the whole class.

While this has all been going on, I was tasked with creating specific plans for various forms of storage that are going to be housed in the end sections of our structure. Pictured is a section of the building that is mainly meant for storage and some educational functions as well. On the ends there are two large storage closets and in the middle there is a section which we are referring to as a “snug” which contains a bench and storage cubbies to store belongings, educational items or toys within.

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