April 8th’s Green Roof Install – “TBT”

A few weeks ago we were able to take some time out of our busy schedules and revisit last semester’s project, Ardmore Park; where we installed a green roof with almost 200, 1′ x 2′ planter boxes filled with succulents. We carried each one up a ladder and installed them onto a roof that was built and ready for the beautiful plants. We were happily greeted by the town mayor, a few news channels, and some public park officials. They were all extremely excited to see the install and were kind enough to order us all plenty of pizza to eat after we finished!

Hopefully the designs in this park will create a flow of more investments into the area to allow locals a public and free place to congregate or hang out on a nice day. Overall it was a great and sunny day for a green roof install, our classmate Seth got interviewed by Chanel 5 news, and it was a fun learning experience (not to mention climbing up onto the roof was fun in itself).

Ayla, Krissy, and Jed posing for a selfie as they hand off succulents to those on the ladder… Photobombed by Nick…


Seth and Andrew Working Hard!


Nick, Jerome, and Amanda

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