Preparing for Pre-Fabrication

As we begin to wrap up our first draft of construction documents, it is time that we start thinking critically about how we are going to physically build the different pieces that make up our project. While one group heads out to the site to stake out the building footprint, the other groups are hard at work in studio to finishing up material and pricing estimates, designing built-in furniture pieces, and beginning work on shop drawings.

While our completed CD set will explain the major elements and pieces of the pavilion, shop drawings go into much more depth explaining the dimensions of each piece, as well as the means of fabrication. Many of our wood and steel pieces need to be custom cut, and shop drawings will inform us where and what type of cuts to make in order to end up with all of the parts to the puzzle that we need. Shop drawings also give us a clearer idea about how much material is needed to complete the project, and estimating costs ahead of time will prevent us from encountering any unexpected expenses.

Last Monday, the class mapped out each phase of the construction process down to the day. Though we do not have a lot of room for error, we are confident that we will be able to produce a stunning project on time and on budget. Planning out the pre-fabrication process accurately will keep us from running into problems later in the construction phase and will allow us to build most pieces in the shop at the CDC.C.

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