Back to School Eve

On the last workday before in person classes resume, Studio V is touching up final designs before our meeting with the Charleston Parks conservancy on Monday the 21st. It seems everyone is excited to leave behind this online format and slowly get back to bouncing ideas of each other face to face, or mask to mask. Learning to collaborate with our partners online has been a challenge but one in which our Studio seems to have passed with flying colors. Thanks to apps like Miro and Zoom, working together and trying to explain ideas over the internet has become very fluid.

Returning to normal life is exciting, but there are some things I think we will miss after all this is said and done. The easy access to snacks in the fridge during a long lecture is one thing that comes to mind. Currently it seems like these past few months have been the longest of our lives, but when we look back on this time we should try and remember the positives that we never would have experienced otherwise. See everyone IRL on Monday!

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