Good ole’ Friday the 13th

We are three days away from our first design review and everyone is working hard on their designs! My respective group is looking at a design that allows for impactful, teachable moments. It emphasizes spaces for Green Heart to really connect with the students they are teaching and helping everyone feel a part of the space. Our design allows for larger gathering areas for large groups of students to learn about gardening, harvesting, and cooking.

Brain Storming

Along with teaching, we intend for the structure to also be used for harvesting vegetables and providing a space for the Farmers Market on market days. Our design focuses on dual functioning counter space, storage areas, tiered seating that becomes a market display, and even a insulated cooler. Our goal is for the organization of all these parts to work together and provide an efficient way of working.

As for the aesthetics of our design, my group and I are searching for precedents that add an element of “fun” for lack of better words. We hope to use unique screening techniques to enclose our storage shed so that not only does it add a fun element to the design, but the screens also allow people to see into the shed which will hopefully prevent break ins. We also have not forgot about the “millions” of arches that can be found in the Enston Home community and hope to use this arch in the roofing system of our structure.

Arch Precedent

With all of that being said, we have PLENTY of work to do now until Monday! To see the finished looks of the four small group designs, keep a watch out for our blog posts early next week!

PS: I couldn’t go without sharing a Friday the 13th meme

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