Oh how time flies…

Week IV is halfway over, which can only mean one thing: INDIVIDUAL DESIGN REVIEWS!!!    

After our last group presentation, everyone in the group has gathered information from Research & Analysis along with feedback from the Clients. For the past two weeks, our brains have been churning as we push our individual creative solutions and as we decide what we think the best location and structure type for the Corrine Jones Community Pavilion should be. Some of us have one structure, while others have multiple structures, and some of us have a central location, while others have their structures located in the corners. One thing is for sure though: sketch sketch sketch (and glance outside every once in a while to see how nice it is outside) So what will it be: a single structure? two structures? will it be in the center? In the corner? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT!!

While we wait for our next review, I present to you: PHIL, in the early hours of the afternoon. 

He is generally this happy, but particularly cheerful today about missing the polar Vortex hitting his hometown in Cincinnati.           

(PS: after consulting my sources: RYAN did indeed help start the program in the late 80’s.)

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