Yesterday, we were continuing to test out our new idea from Monday. We all had met up after our lumber tour for ITC class and discussed what we had to finish for the ‘final design’ before we discuss this with Pastre. After the mini mock-up of the roof on Monday, we have realized that our storage space is small and we think the storage should expand to provide enough storage space for both Parks Conservancy and the community. In the meantime, we were still trying to figure out the location and the design of the sink. We had come up some possible locations, and we had decided to locate the sink on the east side of our pavilion. And now we are still exploring the design of the sink.


While Tyler designing the sink, rest of us trying to solve the storage space and figure out the structure of the roof. We have looked through the storage tool list that Leslie sent us to guide us how much square footage we actually need to design and how much do we need to expand from what we had on the previous design scheme. For the structure of the roof, we are deciding to follow the method that the previous students used in Magnolia Park.


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