New Project, New Students, Old Friends


As we kick off the spring 2014 semester for Studio V, we are all excited to start the design-build project of a community-run, commercial kitchen. The studio group this semester has a wide range of students, from undergraduate architecture and landscape architecture up to the graduate level, all coming from different backgrounds. Yet, even with the age and educational differences, the feeling of excitement and willingness to design and create is consistent throughout the entire group.

To start off the studio, we all traveled together to different projects that had already been built by CAC.C Studio V in the past. Each were great designs and had even better craftsmanship, and the impact of the builds could be seen as we visited. As we were looking over the pavilion at the community garden site in the Avondale neighborhood of West Ashley, a woman came up to us to get information on how her company could donate bee hives to the gardens. Furthermore, watching a child play on the sitting area at Corinne Jones Playground really brings home the idea of community and how it will be used by the public.

Our final stop on our tour of the previous builds was of course at Sweetgrass Gardens to see the GAP shed and our new site as well. Working on a site that has already been worked on has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that the client knows the work we are capable of doing and is more willing to work with us. Furthermore, there is much more information now on the site that we can use to help us design with. Yet, a disadvantage is that we have expectations to live up to now! However, I see no problem in our ground matching the success of the GAP shed and even exceeding it with our design and impact. This may seem like “big talk” for someone who has yet to even sketch a design for the project, but I am that confident in myself and my teammates that we will undertake this project and create something great!

So, be sure to follow the website closely for all the updates to come throughout this exciting semester, and we hope continue the tradition of a great community build as our past CAC.C Studio V’s have!


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