Good and bad

Studio works look like they will never be finished when we are preparing a final review. But they have actually been done on time so far. And, I have never imagined that we can not finish our project on time. But, we couldn't finish our project. Honestly, I felt so bad that we couldn't finish our project yesterday and I wanted to [...]

Home Stretch

Our review is tomorrow and we're all starting to get excited as big pieces of the project are now being polished and set in place. We finished the treds yesterday and placed them on the steel stringer so that we could size the final mdf boards that cover the stringer and its structure. Others were [...]

The Great Migration

Hello all!  As you have all been reading about our semester is coming to close!! It seems though that we still have so much more to accomplish before our review Friday morning.  I would be willing to bet we will be working right up to the review!  Tonight was another late night at the shop as [...]