Good and bad

Studio works look like they will never be finished when we are preparing a final review. But they have actually been done on time so far. And, I have never imagined that we can not finish our project on time. But, we couldn’t finish our project. Honestly, I felt so bad that we couldn’t finish our project yesterday and I wanted to blame everything. And, I thought I cannot see the bright side as everybody says that “see a bright side!” when we are in a difficult situation. I thought bad thing is bad thing and I don’t carry on a positive attitude from the bad moment.

But, today our final review changed my views and attitude toward our project. While we are presenting, I could get throught again what we did and how we did in studio during 4 months. I figured out we went through thick and thin, enjoyed every minute of it, and learned a whole different world. It has been a great moment.

Maybe I have been forgetting the essence of studio v and that we did great job. Now, I know we will continue to work and finish this beautiful work. And, it will be even better. I can’t wait to work to finish our project and see Motoi with our exquisite viewing platform. I am seeing the bright side from the bad thing. I cannot believe this.


  1. You all finally “made” it! Thanks for sharing the review day and great hotdogs with me. I was so pleased to be there. Best of luck to all of you as you move on. David’s mom

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