staying sane while working insanely

Last week was a big push to get where we are now. Each group was working like crazy to be prepared for our upcoming reviews and meetings. With all the constant work and late nights, I personally feel it is important to always manage your time to provide for some free time. Sometimes that managing comes from working smarter and more efficient. If you look at the picture of my model being laser cut it illustrates a few points. 1) laser cut! this would take forever to hand cut. 2) look close, every peice is actually lightly scored with a label so I can quickly identify every piece and properly assmble them. 3)this also made it easier for my fellow group members to be able to quickly assemble these with little or no explanation.

Laser Cutting

So then I can have some time for taking advantage of what a great city like Charleston has to offer. Specifically,  going to see one of my favorite bands, Yonder Mountain String Band (who are awesome if I didn’t mention), and some basic sightseeing. Check out this awesome view during some great Saturday weather!

Yonder! Sorry to banjo player Ben Kaufman for cutting you out of the photo
Downtown Charleston from the Cooper River Bridge

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