How we got there

Last night we pretty much finished the mock up. It took a lot of hard work and some careful decisions to finish. I think that its important though, to acknowledge the process we took to get to this finished result. One of the larger scale models we made was a good example of this. By making the [...]

getting into the details

As we near getting the design ironed out we are constantly designing the details of everything. This includes the compost area, storage, the water collection system, the walkway, and the planting it self. Every time we begin to think of solutions we are constantly and simultaneously thinking of construction and cost. Although the tasks ahead are a little daunting, [...]

Keep on truckin’

In between watching the NFL conference championships, watching the Texas A&M basketball team dominate Kansas State, and eating some delicious meals from awesome downtown Charleston eatieries, my studiomates and I have been making progress this last weekend. Prospective sites have been established (which I don't want to reveal as to build suspense) and we are beginning to [...]