Prepping for Construction

Yesterday, about half the class met at JMO Woodworks to begin milling and cutting dado’s into our boards. We formed an assembly line of sorts with Elissa and me ripping the boards of various widths down to a uniform 1 1/2″ square, and cutting the longest pieces to length, 8′ to be exact. After being ripped to the appropriate width and height, we passed the pieces on to John, who then cut them all to about 18″ (these pieces will serve as the stickers in the pilasters). Once John had finished, the stickers were given to Jim, Joe, and Mike, who took turns cutting the dado’s into the boards. All in all, we left shop with about 60 8′ boards and about 130 stickers.

Today, Everyone continued on their personal tasks, working on information signage, nail removal of Haint Blue, and making contacts to continue material acquisition. As for Joe and I: we were drilling holes in the crosses we welded, which serve as the structure’s foundation and cap, and all was well until every single drill bit we had crapped out on us on the last 3 of 24 holes.

Here are the crosses serving as the foundation:

Some of my fellow classmates have decided for all of us to meet tomorrow morning at 8, which is just unheard of for college students (outlandish even). We will be continuing the prep work then, trying to get in a few hours of work before our other classes. I know, it is crazy.

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