Haint Blue no more

Over the weekend four students and I traveled to Wilmington, NC to acquire more wood.  I know what you might be thinking… Is it very smart to travel three and a half hours away to get some 2×4’s?  Maybe not, but there was a greater reason for the trip.  The wood we picked up was from and art installation at the Cameron Art Museum. Daniel Harding, along with Clemson students from his creative inquiry class, installed an architectural folly titled “Haint Blue” last spring on the grounds of the museum.  Dan had planned on re-using the material this coming spring on a design-build project in Clemson, but suggested we use it for our temporary installation first, then move it back to Clemson for the spring build.  Being that our projects this semester are focused on sustainability by recycling and re-purposing materials it made sense to continue this mindset to future projects.  As well as passing these materials along it is my hope that this continues to foster relationships between the two Clemson campuses.

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