Tangled up in Green

Exciting progress is being made on the build.  With our concrete pours complete, the studio has shifted back into the shop to continue preparing the wood and steel of the pavilion for installment.  Welders are welding, woodworkers cutting, and, at last, painters are painting. Through a process of analyzing precedent structures that use a green [...]

How to Build a Building in a Month

To start the week off, we here in the Architecture + CommunityBUILD studio began with laying out the schedule for the next month.  The last full month of each semester is always where the semester's work comes to fruition.  Each of us students will be engaged with on-site work, prefabricating elements in the CDC.C's shop, [...]

The Weight of a Building

With design approval from city and community leaders, the Community Build crew met with structural engineer John Moore.  John has been involved with community build projects for several years now, and his expertise has allowed for the seemingly impossible become possible.  Consultation with a talented structural engineer like John is always an exciting moment for [...]


The design process of an architect is, in a way, a guessing game.  Sketches and models produced by hand and limited by the production space in which the architect works, can only capture pieces of an idea.  This idea is to be translated, after further refinement through inputting commands into a computer, into a built [...]

Path, Pavilion, and Pond

Over the past couple of days, the studio has continued to develop ideas following individual approaches to three categorial typologies.  Each student works in their own manner to find a concept.  What is most important from the work is the provoking of conversations. Solutions are not given, they are found.  Through the juxtaposition of variables [...]