Path, Pavilion, and Pond

Over the past couple of days, the studio has continued to develop ideas following individual approaches to three categorial typologies.  Each student works in their own manner to find a concept.  What is most important from the work is the provoking of conversations.

Solutions are not given, they are found.  Through the juxtaposition of variables that exist on the site and that come from the client’s demands, the design surfaces.  Within the culture of the studio, we take an approach that values what the site is telling us and what our intuition is saying in response.  The results we gain from this type of process, which is prevalent throughout the community build program’s history, are results that express empathy to the surrounding neighborhood in simple yet elating ways.

The fundamental elements that we are mixing in our architectural alchemy are a path, pavilion, and pond.  Reading the reactions of these elements with each other, as well with the Low Country environment, the needs of an underserved neighborhood, and the allotted budget, is where the ideas of the mind start to become concrete reality.

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