🎶Ardmore Bridge is Falling Down🎶 Actually…..

Actually, it’s quite the opposite and so much has happened since the last time we posted about the bridge. As a reminder the concrete pad closest to the pavilion was off by a foot, which means we had to do some problem solving. After coming up with some options on how to solve the problem, we ultimately ended with pouring some more concrete. Which means we had to go back out to Ardmore over this past weekend.

This past Sunday, we were able to pour the concrete, cut and install the beams for the bridge, and drop off the planter beds! We also took the opportunity to take some measurements and think through how to connect the extensions of the bridge to the existing.

David smoothing out the concrete.
Planter boxes featuring goose poop!
David cutting down beams to length. These will sit on top of the posts and support the bridge.

After getting all the measurements, we came up with a game plan on how to execute this to have both extensions ready for the end of week. Yesterday, we were able to cut down the rods (shown below) and now have added four more people to our group to help us meet this deadline. The bridge extensions will require measuring out the pieces to cut to length, grinding, punching holes, some welding, and some long nights in the shop this week and weekend.

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