Off To Work We Go

We are super excited to start working on-site, and today is the day! From the research phase to individual design concepts, to small group designs, and finalizing a design as a whole studio, we can’t wait to show you what we have come up with for you all.

Today, we will be working with the City of Charleston to start digging on-site around 8:30AM. This dig will include the 2′ deep dig for the footers and the slab’s footprint, which will happen again Friday morning. Only a couple of us will be out there today and tomorrow; however, you can expect to see most of us this weekend when we start to get down and dirty on site.

As for my group (built-ins), we have finalized everything! We have our bench design (which can be seen in the previous post), our tabletops, and planters. For the tables, it was important to us that there would be no heavy lifting. Although lifting the tabletop up for use and putting it down for extra space is a good idea, the one problem that occurs with it is that it can be cumbersome to manage. So, we integrated the table into the structure, and we decided to push it out a little, where it is flushed between the columns to give the illusion it is not in the space but easily accessible.

The final design for the built-ins as a whole!

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